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Diagram for interchanging charms on charm necklace

Interchanging the Charms


Charms are designed to be taken on and off the

carrier ring, allowing the wearer to build up a

collection and then pick and choose which charms

they'd like to wear and in which order.  In order to

do this the smaller bolt ring needs to be removed

from the chain end and the carrier ring taken off the

chain.  Charms can then be slipped on and off the

ring.  An explanation card is provided with all charms.

Materials and Finishes

The jewellery appearing on this website is sterling silver, and is hallmarked appropriately at Birmingham Assay Office, bearing Jenni's 'JDW' mark (silver items weighing less than 7.78g do not require a hallmark therefore charms are not hallmarked).

Many of the jewellery items for sale in the online shop are oxidised.  Oxidisation is a process whereby silver is blackened following the application of platinol to the surface.  In the majority of pieces, this is then carefully removed from the raised areas to leave the black patination in the sunken relief, therefore highlighting detail and text. The jewellery can then either have a shiny or matt finish applied, although it must be noted that matt jewellery will eventually become shiny with wear (see caring for your jewellery).  Your preference for finish can be chosen when ordering.

The majority of pieces are available to order with yellow or rose gold plating, or in solid 9 or 18 carat gold (yellow, rose or white), platinum or palladium.  Please contact Jenni if you wish to receive a quote for a piece made in any other metal.

Shiny finish tag
Matt finish tag



Many charms have the option to be personalised included in the price.  Where this is available, please fill in the box provided exactly as you wish your text to appear.  If you do not wish to have any personalisation, please either leave the box blank or insert a dash (-).  The text is stamped by hand so please allow for a few irregularities.  Jenni can stamp in her own unique 1mm lower case font (font 1), a standard 1mm (font 2) and 2mm (font 3) upper case font and a 2mm lower case newsprint font (font 4) as well as 1mm and 3mm numerals.  Jenni will use the most appropriate style and size for the particular charm, unless you specify a preference.

Jewellery punching tools
Different fonts for stamping on jewellery
Brown jewellery boxes
Silver dip
Jewellery clean
sanding sponge


Necklaces and earrings are packaged into a branded Kraft matchbox style box.  Charms are packaged in a tiny envelope and sent with an interchanging instruction card. They are sent with a flat-packed branded pillow pouch, ensuring the pouch arrives in perfect condition for gifting.

Caring for your Jewellery

Silver tarnishes over time, especially if in contact with chemicals or perfumes, or if it is not regularly worn.  It is possible to clean your silver jewellery with silver dip or a silver cloth.  You could also try an old toothbrush with some warm soapy water.

Matt silver jewellery is essentially created by gently scuffing the surface.  Over time this can wear back to look more shiny but can be re-matted by gently scouring the piece with a soft Scotchbrite scourer or a fine grit sanding sponge.

Please get in touch if you would like your jewellery to be re-finished or repaired by Jenni.  Depending on what needs to be done and the age of the piece there may be a small charge for this service. 

Branded pillow pouch
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