This collection of miniature 3-D silver items was inspired by the thought of reproducing slightly more abstract and unusual collectable charms.  The furry sparrow is the bird who keeps his eyes peeled for these interesting items which aim to remind people of something significant to them!  It is possible to add these charms to the carrier rings and combine with the new charms but please note they are 3-D rather than flat.  

teapot charm
watering can charm
retro TV charm
telephone charm
toothpaste and brush charm
robot charm
rocket charm
dog charm
cat charm
kitchen sink charm
saucepan charm
spatula charm
saw charm
aeroplane charm
tractor charm
lorry charm
bus charm
L-plate charm
toaster charm
kettle charm
cupcake charm
button charm
lock charm
key charm
teacup charm
house charm
wedding dress charm
groom's jacket charm
dress charm
jeans charm
pants charm
knickers charm
bra charm
marmite charm
beans charm
champagne charm
angel charm
drainer charm
cutlery charm
cocktail charm
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