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Hopefully these answers will help you but please do get in touch if you have a query that isn't covered here.

How long will my order take?

All pieces available to purchase through the website have an estimated delivery time in the product description.  This is usually 2-3 days.  Pieces made to order or bespoke pieces typically take around 4 weeks but this varies dependent on what is involved and time of year etc.  Please let Jenni know if the piece is required for a specific date and she will do her best to meet this but please do think ahead as much as possible, especially at Christmas time.

How will my piece be wrapped and sent?

Jewellery is boxed in a pillow or matchbox style box and posted in a Kraft jiffy envelope.  In the UK orders under £50 will be sent by 1st class post, orders over £50 will be sent by Royal Mail 'Signed For' or 'Special Delivery' depending on the value and urgency of your order and will require a signature. Please see the Delivery & Returns page for more detailed information.

Can I order from outside the UK?

Yes you can.  The piece will be sent by Royal Mail 'International Signed For' which is tracked and requires a signature upon delivery.  Unfortunately I am unable to offer this as a free service and delivery cost will be added at checkout.  All tax and duty costs outside of the UK are also the full responsibility of the customer - please make sure you are aware of what these are before ordering.

Can I get a refund if something is not quite right?

Yes you can unless the piece has been specially commissioned - please see the Delivery & Returns page for further information.  Jenni hopes you will be happy with your purchase but of course understands that it isn't always easy to order online without seeing something in person.  Being a small business, Jenni would prefer to try to rectify or exchange the piece first, but in the event that something still isn't quite right a refund is possible.

Are the pieces hallmarked?

All silver used is 925 sterling silver.  Jewellery is hallmarked according to UK law.  Please note that silver articles under 7.78g are not required to carry a hallmark therefore the charms and lighter earrings are not hallmarked.

How can I work out what size to order?

In order to get your piece right first time, it is a good idea to spend some time getting the size correct. This is especially important in the case of rings and bangles which are not always straightforward to alter and may even need to be re-made.  If you don't already know your finger size, Jenni can send a plastic finger measurer.  Alternatively, you may be able to pop into a local jewellery shop and ask if they will measure your finger for you.  It is a good idea to measure your finger when it is not too hot or too cold.  With bangles, the best way is to measure the inside diameter of a bangle that fits comfortably and provide Jenni with this measurement in mm.  With necklaces and bracelets, again it is a good idea to take the measurement from something you already own.  If this isn't possible you could use a piece of string which you could measure or send to Jenni.


How can I get the size right if I am buying a gift?

Necklaces and bracelets can be made with the option to fasten at slightly different lengths if you aren't sure.  Rings and bangles are a little more tricky so please get in touch for advice if in doubt...or of course there is the option to purchase a gift voucher!  


Can pieces be re-sized if they don't fit?

Necklaces and bracelet chains can easily be altered.  Rings and bangles can sometimes be altered by a size or two but may need to be re-made.  Alterations will incur an additional charge and the customer will cover the cost of postage - please get in touch by email to find out the exact cost depending on your piece.

How can I clean my tarnished silver?

Please see the useful information page but if you can't get your piece looking it's best it is possible to send the piece back to Jenni for re-finishing.  Depending on the age and level of work required, there may be a small charge for this service.

Do you offer a repair service?

Jewellery can be sent back to Jenni Wilson Jewellery for repair.  If the breakage has occurred within 3 months of purchase there will be no charge.  With all other cases there may or may not be a charge but this depends on how long the piece has been owned, how worn it is and what exactly has occurred.  Please get in touch to outline the problem in your individual case.  

Can I have a piece personalised?

Yes! Please see the useful information​ page, or the commission me page for more detailed information about having a bespoke piece made.

How do I interchange the charms?

Please see the useful information page.

Do you ever offer discount codes?

Yes, from time to time there will be discounts available for a limited time period.  For the best chance of catching them, sign up to my mailing list.  There are also sometimes pieces with up to half price off the original price available on the ready to post page.


Can I have a piece made in an alternative metal to silver?  

Yes, many pieces can be recreated in various alloys or colours of gold.  Please contact me for a quote as this is will be dependent on fluctuating gold prices. 




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